CONFUSED SOULS Confused Souls Trailer



Juanita is summoned by an entity that lures her out of the tent she sleeps in into the darkness of the night. In the wilderness she finds a ancient necklace and when she puts it on she falls into a trance. The next day she awakens disoriented and with unfamiliar memories haunting her. As she begins her journey in a SUV called Asabache, her forgotten life begins to unveil before her. She desperately tries to hold on to what she believes is real as she picks up hitchhikers along an endless dirt road. The first hitchhiker she picks up is Nikki, a teenager who has just run away from home. Mathew, who rapes Juanita later becomes their mascot. The last human she picks up is Andrew. He frustrates her as much as takes her breath away. Juanita desperately wants him to remember who he is or was. On the surface it appears these misfits are coming from nowhere? But things are not what they seem to be, or are they? Juanita struggles with the big question, why are we here? Is it destiny that they are all together in this vehicle or a mere coincidence?  Destiny or accident?

Starring: Jackie Di Crystal, Jackie Mares, Emanuel Gironi, Bobby Lucas

Directed and written by Jackie Di Crystal




In this society the citizens receive a daily script like that of a film where they’re told exactly what to think say and do.  Two citizens’ scripts are mistakenly switched and delivered to the wrong individuals.  This confusion exposes a fraud sting operation and even a betrayal of a father by his own son. Due to the scarcity of food and everything else, everyone is out for himself.  In this world, corruption begins at the top and trickles all the way down to the bottom of the food chain.








Starring Ray Torres, Alejandro Jimenez and Jackie Di Crystal

coming soon…


Wild Flower is a new film being directed by Jackie Di Crystal that is presently in Pre-Production. More details coming soon…